Lotus Clinic

After the hair transplant operation, there are a few things you should pay attention to so that your hair grows back in a healthy way. The maintenance process on the day of the hair transplant and afterwards is as follows.



1. You will begin to take the medications that will be given to you (analgesics, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories)

2.You should only rest

3.When sleeping, you should sleep on your back, leaning on your back. (and for the next 5 days)

4.You will need to start drinking a lot of water to help the body eliminate post-transplant fluids (anesthesia)

5.Do not consume alcohol, caffeine, smoke or consume aspirin or blood thinners (and for the next 6 days)

6.Be careful not to tilt your head up or down to prevent cosmetic fluid from dripping onto your face.

7.Pay attention to the way you dress when you return to the hotel and in particular in the first week after the hair transplant

8.Don’t have sex (and for the next 4 days)

9. Avoid hitting, scratching or bumping your head back at the hotel (and for the next 15 days)

10.Do not use anything that is directly tied or presses the scalp ahem; cap, hat, helmet (and for 15 days after transplant)

11.Not practicing contact sports (soccer, basketball, gym etc) (and for the next 15 days)

12.Avoid sunbathing or standing in direct sunlight, rain or dust (and for the next 15 days)

13.Don’t use oils or dyes for 30 days

14. Do not use towels or electric dryer for 30 days



1.Small scabs will begin to appear on each grafted follicular unit.

2.You may begin to present swelling (from anesthesia) in the forehead, eyes or cheeks, you can help drainage by applying massages, cold compresses and drinking plenty of water 



You will begin to wash / cure the post hair transplant with the shampoo and lotion that we will give you- (and during the next 10 days) 


DAY 13

1.You should no longer see visible scabs

2.You can now wash your hair with complete peace of mind 


DAY 30 (1 MONTH)

1.The transplanted hair will fall (not the hair follicle), entering the resting phase or the desert phase.

2.The implanted area no longer requires any care

3.Now you can go swimming, plunge into the pool or go to the sauna.

4.Do not shave the hair with a manual razor for one year (the hair can be cut by scissors after the month)


DAY 90-120 (3-4 MONTHS)

The implanted hair will gradually begin to grow, it is a progressive process first, finer and less dense, to gradually increase in thickness and density over the months.


DAY 360 (1 YEAR)
You can see the final result.