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Breast augmentation

  • It is a surgery to increase size of breast. These include placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles.
  • Many women feel uncomfortable with size and shape of breasts, which may affect body’s confidence
  • Breast aesthetic surgery is one of most popular performances of breast augmentation, reduction or lift.
Breast Augmentation operation:

To insert an mammary prosthesis into breast, doctor opens one incision in one of three places:

  • Under breast
  • Underarm
  • About nipple

*After opening incision, doctor separates breast tissue from muscles and connective tissue in chest.

  • An opening is made either behind outermost muscle of chest wall or in front of it (chest muscle). doctor inserts implant into this pocket and places it in center behind nipple.
  • Syringes are inserted into empty breasts, after which they are filled with sterile saline water, while silicone syringes are prefilled with silicone gel.
There are several reasons for enlarging breasts, including:
  • Formation and increase of size of secondary deformed breasts of breastfeeding.
  • Balance size or shape of asymmetric breasts.
  • Achieving proportion of body with breast augmentation and enlargement. 
Breast anatomy :

Breasts are made of fatty tissue. There are blood vessels and channels for milk, fat, glands and sensory nerves inside. Also, pectoral muscle is located under breast.

Place implant in breast:

During breast augmentation surgery, implant is beneath breast muscle or higher than breast muscles, and under mammary glands.

Place implant under breast muscle:

In this type, surgery takes a short time and recovery period is rapid when implants are placed under breast. Breast imaging is difficult during mammograms.

There are two main types of breast implants:

Gel filled :

Coherent, safe and aesthetic gels are used in all gel implants of brand called Mentor.

Saline Solution:

During surgery, breast implants filled with saline solution are filled with a saline solution that is similar to fluid that makes up most of human body. For many women, most difficult part of choosing a transplant is decision about what size of breast you want. However, these are rarely preferred in our time.

Forms of implantation:

Depending on desired shape of breast, you can choose a circular or peripheral implant with your doctor. Enclosed implants have a tear shape and may provide patients with a more natural appearance of breast.

Planting surfaces:

Surfaces of breast can be either smooth or soft. Smooth surface transplants have a soft layer and less skin sensation. Implants with textured surfaces are called Siltex.