Lotus Clinic

Mesotherapy and Hair Loss Treatment

Hair mesotherapy is the method of injecting suitable medication under the scalp with the help of small needles in order to stop hair loss and restore the natural vitality of the hair. 

Mesotherapy is a treatment method based on the injection of a medicine especially between 1 to 6 cm under the skin. The French doctor, Dr Michel Pistor pioneered this therapy in 1952.

Although there are several reasons for hair loss, some falls are caused by metabolic factors, sudden stress after pregnancy. It is a supportive treatment method in other types of hormonal / genetic hair loss.

The treatment consists of injecting the prepared mixture under the scalp. The procedure performed with microinjectors is painless and painless or tolerable. The patient can continue his daily life after the treatment. The results of the treatment start to be seen from the 2nd session.