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The liposuction aim is to  remove excess fat in certain areas of body, in order to improve appearance of body in terms of aesthetics and to reduce waist circumference in addition to surroundings of other areas in body. In surgical procedure a special device is used, which sucks small parts of accumulated excess fat tissue with a vacuum pump. It is not possible to perform this process in all areas of body that contain excess fat. Usually, operation is done to vacuum excess fat in abdomen, hips, loins, buttocks, arms, and areas under chin

Process Preparations:
Preparing for liposuction includes conducting a meeting with doctor and doctor examines patient if he suffers from any chronic disease that is not allowed to do operation and research reasons that made patient resort to this type of operation.

Stage of Liposuction:
Before operation, doctor determines lines of areas through which liposuction will take place, and there are areas that are subject to local anesthesia before operation.
After skin has been cleansed, a small incision of 0.5 cm long is made through this incision, suction needle is inserted.
Needle is attached to a clear vacuum tube and in this way excess fat is sucked outward with help of a vacuum pump.
Should not aspirate more than 2-5 liters of fat due to higher risks to tissues.
Doctor monitors amount of liposuction that has been extracted during procedure when permissible amount is reached and stops suction process.
At the end of operation, a small dressing is applied over wound area.

Operation of liposuction takes approximately one to three hours, according to amount of fat that must be removed.